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I truly believe that knives and scissors are the greatest tools we have ever created. Not a day goes by without cutting and slicing, just think about it! Read CEO article
Mr. Sharp
Vladimir Frolov
Our constant need to cut has led me to try to find the best way to sharpen the kitchen tools we all use daily. What if there is something better than a simple electric knife sharpener? How can you be sure that no one will steal from you and destroy your knives and scissors with an electric knife sharpener? I want to make sure each Google search for "knife sharpening service near me", or "knife sharpening near me" shows you the best, 5 star result.
Whetstones —
author's opinion
Advantages, disadvantages and in between.
Electric grinders can only do so much, but they can't provide a well-sharpened edge from heel to the tip that will last for a long time. It is a fast and easy option, no doubt. But you would notice that your day-to-day cutting experience rapidly gets worse and here you are, taking your knives back to the shop and paying to get them re-sharpened.
An electric grinder is not always the option, especially when we talk about high-end knives. But let me be real – whetstones also have pros and cons: for instance, an average set of six knives and a pair of scissors would take one to two hours to get sharpened. Hear me out, one to two hours if the set is in good shape. If the cutting edge is chipped, depending on the size of the chip, it takes a long time to remove the damn thing. Even having a 250 grit stone won't help. In this case you may consider buying an electric wheel grinder in the future to make your life easier.. continue reading
It is a mystery why we live in a world where companies are producing incredible quantities of knives in every shape and size. The world, where we are more likely to buy a new set of knives and scissors, rather than get the ones we have sharpened. It is not rational.
It's okay if your knives aren't perfect, we're here to make them perfect.
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