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I truly believe that knives and scissors are one of the greatest tools that we as humans ever came up with. If you think about it – a single day cannot pass without the need of making two things out of one.
Vladimir Frolov
Our constant need of cutting things has made me try to find the best way to sharpen kitchen tools each of us uses daily. What if when you google search "Knife sharpening service near me" you can be sure that your knives are in good hands? And that there is something better than a regular knife sharpening service that uses only electric grinders. What if after the service, you can forget about bringing the knives back to the shop for a while?
Whetstone sharpening:
author's opinion
Advantages, disadvantages and in between.
Electric grinders can only give us so much, but they will not provide a well-sharpened edge from heel to the point that will last for long. It is a fast and easy option, no doubt. But you would notice that your day-to-day cutting experience rapidly goes down. And here you are, taking your set back to the shop and overpay for a job that takes two to three minutes to get done.
Whetstones have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, an average set of six knives and a pair of scissors would take one to two hours to get sharpened. I have to make it clear – one to two hours if the set is in good shape. If cutting edge chipped, depending on the size of the chip, it takes a lot to remove the damn thing. Even if you have a 250 grit stone, you may consider buying an electric wheel grinder in the future to make your life easier.. continue reading
It is a mystery why we live in a world where companies are producing incredible quantities of knives in every shape and size. We are more likely to buy a new set of knives and scissors, rather than get the current ones sharpened. It is not rational.
Just a little more articles:
Rust & Scratches

Rust is another big problem. Your set can get rusted, and it will be dangerous to use!

Depending on the steel, of course. I noticed that knives from Europe, such as Zwilling Henckels or Wusthoff and other brands, get rusted more than knives from Aisa, like Mac, Shun, or Nagomi, for example, nothing but a personal observation.. continue reading
Knife bevels

Each knife type differs for its purpose. Boning knives good for separating meat from the bone, but terrible at cutting vegetables. Nakiri knife, on the other side, great for chopping soft vegies, like tomatoes. But if you try to cut through something hard, it will get dull pretty quickly.
So, why are there so many types of knives? What use each of them has? What bevel each knife should have to maximize its ability? continue reading
Dishwasher = death washer

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