Tools sharpening

Have you ever wondered why your blades wear out so quickly? You may have thought it was just the wear and tear of use or the quality of the tool. However, it could be due to a lack of sharpening. For example, blade sharpening is a part of maintaining your blades and ensuring they stay sharp for a long time. In this article, we'll look at what tool sharpening is and how to find a way to sharpen your tools.
What is blade sharpening does?

Tools sharpening is the process of restoring the original angle of the cutting edge. The sharpening process involves grinding away small pieces of steel to create a new, even sharp edge. It is a delicate process that requires skill and knowledge to ensure the blade doesn't get damaged during sharpening and that the original cutting edge angle is the same. There are several different sharpening methods, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Maintenance helps extend the tool's life as the sharp edges become dull over time re-sharpening will keep it fresh. Sharp tools require less effort to cut, it means it is less likely it would break during usage. Secondly, sharpening ensures your garden tools work better and more efficiently. The most important thing you save using freshly sharpened tools is your time. Lastly, a sharp tool helps you get a better cut, which puts additional value to your project.
besides a big difference in user experience between sharp and dull tools, sharp tools will also save you time and money!
What matters is
It is a rare exception a tool can't be re-sharpened
Rip cut hand saw sharpening
The different types of workshop blades and their uses

Many different types of workshop tools are available to you for various applications. The sawing group includes all circular table saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, jigsaw blades, and band saw blades. Each type of saw blade has a specific purpose. For example, circular saw blades are mainly used for rough cutting wood, some plastics, and other hard materials, while jigsaws are for more precise cuts. Some tools are worth sharpening, and some of them are not. For example, a jigsaw blade could be re-sharpened, although if you buy a replacement, you will save time. Compare the price for sharpening and the cost of your consumables to see what is worth sharpening and what isn't.

How to find professional saw blade sharpeners?

Firstly, you should always look for experienced and qualified professionals with the necessary skills to sharpen your saw blades properly. Secondly, always read the reviews for the service to ensure your tools are in good hands. Lastly, write an honest review about your experience and allow others to learn from you!

At Mr. Sharp, we do our best to maintain a high standard for each blade we get. We use quality tools that have proved efficiency and quality results. We have a variety of electric grinders, hand files, and whetstones of many shapes and sizes to sharpen any knife or tool you have! To order our service, please fill out a quick form here.
Different methods of tool blade sharpening

There are several different methods of sharpening saw blades. The two most common methods are hand sharpening and electric grinding wheel sharpening. Hand sharpening is the most basic method that involves using a file or a sharpening stone. Grinding with an electric grinder is a more efficient method of removing metal from the tool. Both methods require skill and precision, so let's see each method in greater detail.

Hand sharpening, as mentioned, implies hand filing or stone sharpening. It is the most common method of sharpening if the subject of sharpening has little to no damage. All small hand tools, like wire cutters, require hand sharpening, as they can get burned by an electric grinder. If the blade is damaged, it is reasonable to consider replacing the tool rather than trying to rescue it. Sharpening by hand is not a fast process, as it can take up to 20-25 minutes per blade. It is where we could use the help of an electric grinder.
Chisel sharpening on a bench wheel grinder
A set of electric grinders can help you tune your tools and do it fast! I should say to be careful not to overheat the blade while sharpening. It will change the properties of steel and ruin the cutting edge. It only can be fixed by removing enough material to expose undamaged heat steel grains.

The best way to get professional results is to use both sharpening methods. An electric grinder can help shape a new cutting edge, and hand sharpening will remove deep grooves from the low-grit bench grinder wheel.

How to maintain saw blades

Maintaining your saw blades is just as important as sharpening them. After the sharpening, you need to set the teeth at the right angle. Skipping this step will not allow the saw blade to cut through a piece of wood without getting stuck. The teeth set beyond the thickness of the saw make a wider cut than the blade.

To ensure your saw blades last longer, you should always use the right blade for the job and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance. Additionally, store your saw blades properly and keep them clean. It will help ensure they stay sharp for longer.

It's best to use Mr. Sharp to sharpen your tools! We use the right equipment and techniques to ensure your saw blades are properly sharpened and remain sharp for longer. Additionally, we offer a variety of services, such as:

- Axe sharpening
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- Knives sharpening
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Safety precautions for blade sharpening

Blade sharpening is a delicate process, but also it's critical taking safety precautions. Wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a face shield. Use the right equipment and techniques for the job. Lastly, keep your fingers away from the blade while sharpening.
The cost of professional blade sharpening

Knives and scissors sharpening:
The price per item can be as low as $5 ea. (for businesses with 15+ items orders) and as high as $15 ea. (for individuals with 1 item order). The total depends on the type and number of items you bring. The more you have, the cheaper the cost per item.

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