Whetstone & Electric grinder

What do you need
So what is actually better for your knives?
When it comes to sharpening your knives, the best way to do it is by using a whetstone with an electric grinder. A whetstone is a sharpening tool that has been around for centuries and is still widely used today. It allows you to manually sharpen the edge of your knife by honing the blade against the stone at the correct angle. Though it requires some practice to master, but it offers a great deal of control, allowing you to achieve extreme results. Using a whetstone can also help you maintain the shape of the blade, which is important for preserving the knife's overall performance.
An electric grinder is a modern tool used for sharpening blades. It has a motorized grinding wheel that can remove deep nicks and imperfections quickly, making it faster than using a whetstone alone. However, if used incorrectly, an electric grinder can easily damage the blade or remove too much metal, so it's important to use it carefully and with caution. Also, don't forget about face protection when using an electric grinder!

It is not mandatory to have both a whetstone and an electric grinder for sharpening your knives, but it can be beneficial to have both of them at your disposal. In case your blade has a significant chip, an electric sharpener can save you a lot of time and effort.
It is not always about how much your tools cost
but about how you use them
If you use a honing rod to sharpen your knives, you may already know that it has its limitations. While it can help keep your knives sharp, it may not be sufficient when it comes to restoring the cutting edge of your knives. In order to remedy this, you need to use something more effective than a honing rod. This is because when you cut with a knife, some microscopic parts of the cutting edge roll to one side, and later break off, causing the cutting edge to become dull. This is called a burr. The honing rod can remove some of the burr and make the edge less round, but it is only a temporary solution. To fully restore the sharpness of your knives, you need to use a more substantial sharpening tool.

It is not recommended by Mr. Sharp to use pull-through sharpeners. Expensive sharpeners don't necessarily work better than traditional sharpening methods. Sometimes it is better to stick to the basics and learn common skills that used to be present in every household.
There is no question about whether a whetstone is better than an electric grinder for sharpening tools. Both grinding methods serve different purposes for the same tool. An electric grinder is used to restore the cutting edge and remove all imperfections, while a whetstone is used to smooth out the cutting edge and make it last longer. When used correctly, both tools deserve credit for their effectiveness.