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shall we?
Too many times I heard that sharp knives are more dangerous than used knives. It's time to clear this up for all of us.
I grew up around sharp knives and scissors. So, when someone tells me that it is a "sharp object", it gets me curious rather than worried. What if I can prove to you that a sharp knife is safer to use instead of a dull one? Do I say nonsense? Let's find out.

A knife is a fundamental tool in the kitchen. If you have dull knives, you can compare them to square wheels on your car. Technically you still can drive it, but you get a rough and quite dangerous ride. Why are dull knives dangerous?
To understand why a professional knife sharpening service is foremost, we need to understand the potential danger that a dull knife can cause when used:

  • A dull knife takes longer to cut through food

  • It can slip off and harm the person that uses it

  • It leaves rough edges on the product, which spoils aesthetic

Do you think you want to be a part of it? It is up to you. To avoid the negative experience, I can suggest you read the full article. I can assure you that a sharp knife has proven its value. The travel path of a sharp knife is way more predictable than a dull knife. Another upside is that you don't need to press hard to cut through, letting the knife do the work. Using sharp knives will save you time and make the kitchen experience better and more fun!
There is no defective knife or a knife that does not have to get sharpened. Sharpening is a part of the life cycle of a knife, like taking a shower every other morning is for us. Even ceramic blades need to be tuned from time to time to ensure proper cutting. While not as popular, ceramic knives are known for withholding a sharp edge longer than traditional metal knives. Be aware that when shopping for ceramic knives, you may have difficulty finding a sharpening service that can set them up correctly when they need to be sharpened. You can read more about Knife Bevels in the article.

Look at the metal flakes reflect the light from the lamp
Mr. Sharp is the knife sharpening service that will make a difference in your kitchen life. We are the first professional knife sharpening service in Boston, Massachusetts, as we use whetstones for all straight blade knives. To get your knives and scissors sharp has never been easier!

Once you send the form here, wait for a text message to arrange an appointment. We will sharpen your knives and tools in 24 hours, and send them back to you. During the 24 hours, our professionals will take care of the order in the best way possible. Each item has a particular bevel angle that works the best with it. All straight blade knives will get sharpened on a set of whetstones starting at 1000 grit and up to 6000 grit. All tools will be filed and prepared for the long hours at your workshop. If you want to learn more about the knife sharpening process, read the Whetstone sharpening article.

The total cost is calculated based on the number of items you have. The more items you bring, the lower price per item you get. The price can be as low as $5/item for businesses for 15 items orders and more. Sharpening service includes cleaning and sanitising, cutting edge restoration using a set of electric grinders, and whetstone sharpening (for knives). For an additional cost of $15, you can also get them delivered to you. Our delivery man will pick up and deliver your set back to your door in 24 hours. All communication with us happens via text. On average, our customers spend around $90-$120 per visit.
As always, thank you for choosing Mr. Sharp!