Let me mention:
We want to make our pricing reasonable so you can enjoy our professional sharpening service without you spending all the money on it. Understanding that sharpening is a part of regular maintenance on all cutting tools will help you better understand why we price our customers the way we do. The concept of servicing/buying more for less price is not new and used by many companies such as Costco, BJ's, and others.
There are three main charges that we base the price tag on:

  • Sharpening service
  • Workshop fee (wf)
  • Delivery fee
Sharpening service implies hand or machine equipment being used to restore the cutting edge of your knives and tools. Our main task is to remove as little material as possible to let your beloved instruments last forever.

The workshop fee includes all expenses to run this business. Everything from the workshop rent to miscellaneous equipment expenses are included in that category. Applied ones per order.

A delivery fee is charged upon request. Mr. Sharp can deliver your knives and tools in person for a fee of $15 (for Massachusetts residents around Marlborough), orders with 15+ items get complimentary delivery. Mr. Sharp can receive and mail out your knives and tools to you via UPS and USPS.


Knives & Scissors (machine)
$3.36 average PER ITEM
Knives (whetstone up to 1000 grit)
$8.20 average PER ITEM
Serrated blades, curved knives (file) & clipper blades
$5.13 average PER ITEM
Garden tools (file)
$7.53 average PER ITEM
Workshop tools
$11.17 average PER ITEM