Hair scissors
Hand saws
Lawnmower blades
Garden pruners
Weed wackers
Reel mowers
Bush cutters
Fabric shears
Hair trimmers
Straight razors
Chain saws
Circular saws
Bolt cutters
Hand planes

Sharpening service by mail

Save up to 47% over buying new knives and tools!
– on sharpening duty since Oct 2017 –

How does it work

There are only a few simple steps to help you get your knives and tools sharpened!
  • 1. Submit our form
    We will start processing your order and contact you within 1-3 business days
  • 2. Receive a label
    We will send you a tracking label that you will use to ship your knives and tools to our shop
  • 3. Make a payment
    Once we receive your set, we will follow up with the total cost to sharpen your items
  • 4. Sit back
    Once we ship your knives and tools back to you, you will get a tracking number via SMS
Hand sharpening has never been more accessible
We provide pre-paid tracking labels. You sure will get your knives & tools delivered to us and back to you
It takes 24-48 hours to sharpen your knives & tools (unless specified)
Whetstone & file sharpening
Schedule an appointment via SMS 857.310.9672 or here
We sharpen almost anything besides weapons
We are confident in our service and we want you to be confident too
21 days warranty
With Mr. Sharp you get
Q. How long does the service take?
A. It takes 24 to 48 hours unless specified.

Q. How do I send my stuff to you?
A. Once you submit an order, we will contact you with a tracking label for your shipment.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. Water whetstones of various shapes and sizes, files, honing and polishing wheels, electrical bench grinders.

Q. How do I pack my knives and tools?
A. Wrap all the items in a towel and secure it with rubber bands. Choose an appropriate size box at the local UPS shop and send it in!

Q. What do you sharpen?
A. We sharpen all types of knives, scissors, most garden tools and workshop tools. Please describe what you have to sharpen in the notes of the order.
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